Welcome ​Dr. Li-Wei Teng from National Ilan University, Taiwan to be committee member!

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Dr. Li-Wei Teng 

National Ilan University, Taiwan

Research Area:

Structural Engineering, Concrete Material, Geographic Information System, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Research Experience:

Li-Wei Teng received his Master's degree from the Department of Graduate Instutute of Architecture & Sustainable Planning at National Ilan University in 2007. He obtained his PhD degree from the Department of Harbor & River Engineering at National Taiwan Ocean University in 2015. He Since 2011, he served as a General Consultant r of the Center of Sustainable Development at the National Ilan University. He joined the National Ilan University as an Adjunct assistant professor in the School of Department of Civil Engineering in Sep 2015.

Dr. Teng’s research is focused on sustainable building energy technologies. Aiming to mitigate the energy use and environmental impact in building sector from widened and deepened perspectives, his research work has been conducted at multi-levels: A solar panel, also known as photovoltaic (PV) panel, recycling process should be attempted on the solar cells, comprised primarily of silicon, silver and aluminum.The process usually requires the solar cells to be ground into chips, flakes or powders,which can be utilized in the production of products like concrete.  the main purpose  is to investigate the use of ground solar cells for the  cement-based composite and its corresponding process of hydration.