Keynote Speakers/主讲嘉宾

Keynote Speakers/主讲嘉宾

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Prof. Wendi Liu  刘文地 教授

Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, China  福建农林大学

Research area 研究领域

Green building materials  绿色建材

Biobased polymer  生物基聚合物

Biocomposites  生物复合材料

Speech Title

Development of Biobased Polymer Binders for Permeable Concrete..


Permeable concrete is one of the new multifunctional paving materials that can effectively reduce water accumulation on road and is beneficial for water infiltration into soil. However, the application of cement-based permeable concrete in road engineering is still limited by its low strength which results in defects such as poor durability, threshing and scaling-off of pavement. Permeable concrete with polymer-based binders is widely used currently due to its advantages including high strength, toughness and fatigue strength as well as chemical corrosion resistance. However, traditional polymer binders such as unsaturated polyester and epoxy resins are expensive and have high brittleness and poor crack propagation resistance. Therefore, the authors focused on the the utilization of low-cost renewable materials such as woodtar and vegetable oils in polymer binds and then investigated the performance of the novel permeable concrete based on the biobased binders. Many strategies on using renewable materials in polymer permeable concrete were developed, and the prepared novel permeable concretes were evaluated in engineering application. 

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A. Prof. Yanyu Meng  蒙彦宇 副教授

Beihua University, China  北华大学

Research area 研究领域

Comprehensive utilization technology of solid waste and renewable resources   固体废弃物及可再生资源综合利用技术

Inspection and reinforcement technology of garden civil engineering structure  园林土建工程结构检测与加固技术

BIM/BIM+/CIM technology and its application  BIM/BIM+/CIM技术及其应用

Intelligent material and structure health monitoring technology  智能材料与结构健康监测技术

Speech Title

Preparation and Properties of Concrete Pavement Bricks Regenerated by Granite Waste Stone.


With the extensive application of stone products in construction, municipal, garden road, stone processing industry is booming.A large amount of stone waste is produced, piled up into mountains, and the resource cost is charged. Extensive operation and production of stone processing manufacturing enterprises aren’t consistent with the construction of an innovative, green and coordinated, resource-conserving and environment-friendly society.

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A. Prof. Kong Fah Tee  郑光华 副教授

University of Greenwich, UK  英国格林威治大学

Research area 研究领域

University of GreenwichStructural Reliability and Risk-Cost Optimization  结构可靠性与风险成本优化

Structural Health Monitoring and Management  结构健康监测和管理

Structural System Identification and Life Prediction  结构系统识别与寿命预测

Wave Propagation and Signal Processing 波的传播与信号处理

Experimental Stress Analysis  实验应力分析

Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics  疲劳与断裂力学

Structural Control and Smart Structures  结构控制与智能结构

Structural Behaviour and Design under Extreme Loading - Fire and Explosion  极限荷载下的结构性能和设计——火灾和爆炸

Speech Title

Structural Reliability-based Maintenance Strategy of Underground Pipes.


The safety of underground pipelines is the primary focus of the water and wastewater industry as well as the oil and gas industry. Due to their low visibility, condition assessment and rehabilitation of the underground pipelines are frequently neglected. Lack of detailed knowledge on the condition of pipelines escalates vulnerability to catastrophic failures. The behaviour of buried pipes is considerably influenced by uncertainties due to external loads, pipe materials and surrounding soil properties etc. The decision to repair or replace the current pipe is typically based on performance indicators such as structural integrity, hydraulic efficiency and system reliability. This presentation is concerned with estimating the reliability of underground flexible pipes subjected to externally applied loading and material corrosion during the whole service life. The reliability with respect to time due to corrosion induced excessive deflection, buckling, wall thrust, excessive bending stress and burst is estimated. Hasofer-Lind and Rackwitz-Fiessler algorithm, Monte Carlo simulation, subset simulation and line sampling have been presented for failure probability analysis of underground flexible pipelines. A complicated approach to scheduling pipe maintenance is to determine individual pipes that are approaching unsafe conditions and repair or replace them before they fail. This type of approach requires a robust methodology to determine the remaining safe service life of each pipe segment within the distribution network system. An example is presented to validate the proposed method to prevent unexpected failure of flexible pipes at a minimal cost by prioritizing maintenance based on failure severity and system reliability.