Welcome Prof.Qing-Xin Ren from School of Civil Engineering of Shenyang Jianzhu University to be committee member.

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Prof.Qing-Xin Ren,School of Civil Engineering of Shenyang Jianzhu University,China

Research Area:Composite Structures and Mixed Structures

Research Experience:

Professor Qing-Xin Ren was one of doctoral supervisors, awarded by the Shenyang Jianzhu University in 2016. He joined Shenyang Jianzhu University in 2007 and is currently a Professor in the Teaching and Research Division of Steel Structure, School of Civil Engineering. He obtained his Bachelor degree from Shijiazhuang Railway Institute in 2001 and his PhD from Dalian University of Technology in 2007.

Professor Ren has a research background in the areas of composite structure, hybrid structure, structural fire resistance, structural seismic resistance and finite element analysis. He has in excess of 80 publications including a book, 13 international journal papers and 40 Chinese journal papers. Professor Ren has played an important role in drafting four Chinese design codes on steel-concrete composite structures and his innovative research work has led to the award of four Chinese Invention Patents.

Professor Ren has received numerous awards and prizes for his contributions to the research and application of steel-concrete composite construction. He has been successful in attracting competitive research grants with a total of over CNY ¥3.0 million and has supervised over 30 higher degree research students.