GBEM 2021 Conference has been successfully held online!

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2021 4th International Conference of Green Buildings and Environmental Management (GBEM 2021)  was held on July 23 online. Thanks to the support of experts and scholars! More than 50 Scholars attended the conference, including 3 keynote speakers and 2 oral speakers to share academic reports. 


AEIC Academic Exchange Information Center

Keynote Speeches 1 - Prof. Wendi Liu  

Title: Development of Biobased Polymer Binders for Permeable Concrete


Keynote Speeches 2 - A. Prof. Kong Fah Tee  

Title: Structural Reliability-based Maintenance Strategy of Underground Pipes


Keynote Speeches 3 - A. Prof. YanyuMeng  

Title: Preparation and Properties of Concrete Pavement Bricks Regenerated by Granite Waste Stone


Oral Speeches 1 - Jiaying Li

Title:Research on Urban Carbon Balance Based on System Dynamics: A case study of Tianjin City


Oral Speeches 2 - Ying Liu

Title:Based on the "National Green Building Innovation Award" over the years, explore and analyze the design principles of passive buildings in different building climate zones in China