Welcome Prof.Zhao Nan from Walton Design & Consulting Engineering CO.,LTD. to be committee member.

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Professor-level senior engineer,Zhao Nan,Walton Design & Consulting Engineering CO.,LTD.,China

Research Area:Aseismic engineering
Research Experience:
Participated in the study of the technology of prefabricated concrete structure industrialization.
Provincial and ministerial level subject: as the principal person in charge, it has undertaken the research project of "assembly architecture technical index system and evaluation model", "Research on assembly architecture technical index system and evaluation model" and "standard identification index system for high quality architecture" of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. "Folk Village ancient village protection and environmental transformation technology research and demonstration".
Other subject: "test research on steel reinforced concrete and skew steel girder skew joint" in Dongguan science and Technology Bureau of Guangdong Province, and "research and application of key technology of large special-shaped construction in Kalamayi".