Welcome Dr.Ning XU from Shanghai Ershiye Construction CO., LTD. to be committee member.

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Dr.Ning XU,Department of Science and Technology Development,Shanghai Ershiye Construction CO., LTD.China

Research Area:Prefabricate concrete building, BIM, Structure analysis

Research Experience:
Dr. Ning XU graduated from Tongji University in 2011, and obtained the PH.D. degree on structural engineering simultaneously. As the member of the BIM professional committee in Construction Management Research Sector of the Architectural Society of China, and the member of Civil engineering branch of China Graphics Society, Dr. Ning XU involved many research projects such as:
1) the National Key Basic Research Development Program (973 Program) “Basic Research on Environmentally Friendly Modern Concrete” (Project No. 2009CB623200),
2) National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program) “Durability Test Technology for Large Civil Engineering Infrastructures in Integrated Environment” (Project No.: 2006AA04Z415),
3) National Natural Science Foundation “Intrinsic Mechanism and Structural Optimization of Construction Project Contract Management under BIM Situation” (starting and ending years 2013.01-2016.12, project approval number: 71272046)
4) National Natural Science Foundation “Computational Theory Study of Thin-walled Box Girder Structure of Fiber Composite Materials” (starting and ending years 2004-2006, project approval number: 50378043).
20 research papers published in various journals, international and national conferences. 25 patents are authorized and accepted.