Welcome Dr.Derek MA from school of engineering of University of warwick to be committee member.

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Dr,Derek MA,The warwick predictive modelling centre, the school of engineering, University of warwick,England

Research Area:Slope failures, geotechnical engineering database, numerical  modelling simulation

Research Experience:
Derek Ma, PhD candidate at University of Warwick. Ma was born in Chengdu city, China, in 1990. He completed his Bachelor degree of Engineering in 2013 and obtained his first class Master degree of Engineering in Geological Engineering from Southwest Jiaotong University in China in 2016. His Master dissertation is focused on the reliability analysis of landslide in Tibet plateau by using Monte-Carlo simulation and numerical modelling. After his master degree, he worked as a teaching assistant in the Southwest Jiaotong University and collaborated with China Geology Survey to do research about the failure mechanism of consequent bedding rockslides. At the same time, he visited the University of Canterbury to do academic research in New Zealand. In 2016, he was selected to attend IRALL School which was held by the state key laboratory in China. Currently, He is pursuing the research direction on the reliability and stability analysis of engineering slopes and landslides using by advanced numerical modelling simulation method.